The school is not responsible for pupils who arrive at school before 07h00. There are teachers on duty from 07h15. The academic school day starts at 07h40.


No pupil may be in a classroom either before or after school, or during breaks, unless a teacher is present.


Loitering on corridors or toilets before school starts or during breaks is not allowed.


Talking must cease in the Hall for assemblies, and when the bell rings in tarmac area.


Running on corridors or stairways, or any paved/cemented area, is not allowed.


The behavior of the pupils at all times and in all places must be such as to bring credit to the school and that pupil. It is hoped that parents will support their children in their extra mural endeavours.


Pupils are expected to show respect for…


       Teachers and staff members

       Their peers

       The school buildings, grounds and surrounding environment


All pupils are encouraged to take part in school activities and to show their loyalty by attending other cultural functions they might not be involved in. FULL school uniform must be worn at these functions.


Interfering with other children or their possessions is not acceptable.


Bicycles may NOT be ridden on school grounds.


All pupils must be on their designated playgrounds during breaks and before school unless it is raining.


School bags must be left neatly outside classrooms in the mornings and pupils must proceed immediately to their respective playgrounds.


Pupils in Grade 3 to 7 may NOT leave the school grounds at lunch time without permission from the Principal and/or parents.


Pupils must keep away from areas where the staff park their cars.


Pupils waiting to be collected must wait inside the school grounds in the designated areas.

















If a child becomes ill or is injured at school, the parent(s) will be telephoned to collect the child. In the case of injury, First Aid may be applied first before calling the parent. It is for this reason that it is imperative that parents inform the office of any change in telephone numbers (home/office/cell phones). Please do not send sick children to school!



If your child suffers from any allergy or chronic health problem. eg: reaction to bee stings. Please inform the office in writing and send the correct medication. Clearly marked with the child’s name and grade. Which will be kept in the sick room cupboard should he/she needs special attention whilst at school.



On returning to school after being absent. A child must bring a note from the parents. A doctor’s certificate is required if a pupil is off sick for 3 days or more. School work may be collected for the child to do at home – please contact the Reception so the teacher can be notified. If a pupil is expected to be absent for some time. Parents should notify the school well in advance.



Parents who wish to speak to their child’s class or subject teacher at any time are welcome to make an appointment through the office or by writing a note in the child’s Homework Book. Staff members have duties to attend to after school. But the office will be able to make a mutually suitable appointment.


Parent meetings for all grades are held during the 2nd and 4th terms. Parents are invited to book 10-minute time slots to see the teachers when general progress is discussed.

Grade R conduct their parent interviews in the 2nd and 3rd terms.




Pupils should be proud of their appearance and arrive and leave school dressed in their full school uniform.


Pupils who have played in a sports match/practice may leave school in match/practice kit, wearing either school shoes or takkies. No bare feet are allowed.


After swimming, the PE uniform or full school uniform must be worn over or in place of the swimming costume, with shoes (see above).


If school shoes are lost or broken, a period of two weeks’ grace is allowed to replace/repair them.


Hair styles: It is expected of pupils that their hair styles will at all times be neat and tidy.


Girl’s long hair must be tied back. No more than two ponytails are allowed. Only white, green or black headbands or scrunches may be worn. No hair extensions or dyeing of hair are allowed.


Boy’s hair must be neat and well-kept at all times, and only acceptable hairstyles will be permitted: i.e. NO gel, hair colouring or alternative “trendy” styles allowed.


Nails: must be kept short – no nail polish.


Jewellery may not be worn to school. Girls may wear gold or silver studs or sleepers when ears are pierced – one stud per ear.


Civvies Days: civvies clothes only, no fancy jewellery, trendy hairstyles, nail polish or make-up are permitted.













It is school policy not to allow pupils to bring cell phones to school. Emergency messages will be delivered to children during the school day and parents will be contacted by the school in case of an emergency.


“Phone cards” may be bought from the school office during office hours. The cost is R30.00 and this covers 10 calls i.e. R3.00 each. In case of an emergency or when school business is involved. Pupils will be permitted to phone from school office.




When admitting learners to Howick Preparatory, the following should be provided:



Unabridged Birth Certificate/Passport

Latest Pre Primary/School Report

Completed Application Form

Copy of Immunisation From



Proof of permanent residential address

Copies of parent’s ID/Passport

Financial Clearance from previous School

Agreement to Pay School Fees document






One full term’s WRITTEN notice is required as far as possible, before a pupil is removed from Howick Preparatory School, or the payment of a full term’s fees in lieu thereof. Such notice is to be submitted on or before the first day of the term.


Notice is not required for pupils who have completed/are completing Grade 7 and are leaving to go on to High School.



Please inform the school office in writing if there is a change in the following:

Home/Postal Address and Phone Numbers

Business Telephone Numbers

E-mail Address


If a parent is away for an extended period of time (e.g.: on a business trip). The school must be advised of the time period, with whom your child is staying and whom to contact in case of an emergency during the parental absence.



Serious misdemeanours or persistent infringement of the Basic School Rules will result in detention, suspension or expulsion, as per the school’s Code of Conduct.


We trust this has given you a comprehensive overview of our school, the ethos and standards of which we are very proud and strive to nurture and uphold.